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Articles in "Gallery"

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“Remembrances of Childhood”
I create worlds; safe and tranquil places where Beings can come and rest for awhile. My ideas can manifest as paintings, sculptures, or stories. The medium or style is not as important to me as the experience that my pieces evoke.

In February the gallery features two artists who use light, shape and color to express movement and emotions. The exhibit showcases paintings by Allison Crain Trundle and stone sculptures by Jon Schmidt.

Mandalas, or circles, are made as a mindfulness exercise with roots in many spiritual practices. For our purposes we will be working with 2-d materials and creating our own contained images within circles on paper. Welcome the New Year in with Mandala Meditation.

Inside Vashon at The Hardware Store Gallery, “Inside Vashon, oil paintings of interiors, still lifes & figures around the island.” It opens December 4th, 7-9pm, and will be up until the end of January.

Each year during the first two weekends of December, the Maury Island home and workspace of artists Christine and Darsie Beck makes a phantasmagorical transformation into the hottest holiday happening on the Vashon Island Artist Studio Tour.

 I’m embarrassed to say it took me 15 years to finally visit the light filled and prolific studio and factory of Irene Otis, at stop number 16, our Vashon institution of tiles and insight, color and hope. It was a challenge to stay on task and take in the art, as I so much wanted to discuss issues of joy, freedom, suffering and faith, which arose in Irene’s refreshingly candid discussion of her recent trip to a Buddhist monastery in Myanmar.

Born in Seattle, 85-year-old Art Hansen remembers riding 
the Vashon ferry to visit his grandparents’ beach house as a boy. His grandfather founded the Island’s first bank.

The Line of Demarcation, an imaginary line of division, a line between us and them, enemy and foe, the known and unknown. The line between water and air, sea and sky has been our focus for the last year.

For February, VALISE Artist Collective and Gallery presents our annual show of art by affiliate members, Unframed and Unhinged: The Affiliates of VALISE.

Harbor School students, grades 4 through 8, will exhibit their art during January at Two Wall Gallery

This one-day sale features unique jewelry and leatherwork collections by two skilled artisans: Tia Kramer and Martha Kirk.

Harbor School students, under the guidance and instruction of renowned island artists Christine Beck and Ray Pfortner, will be featured in an upcoming exhibit at Two Wall Gallery beginning May 2, 2014, and running throughout the month of May.

This weekend, December 7 - 8, and the next, December 14 – 15, Tlingit artist Odin Lonning is at Vashon Woodworkers on Bank Road, Stop #6 on Vashon Island Holiday Art Studio Tour.

Island supporters of the arts and artists take heed! On September 27 and 28, the Vashon Allied Arts parking lot will be transformed into the magical world of Camelot.

Catalina Quinn is coming to the alley, bringing with her works of wonder, that have never been seen on Vashon Island before.

Best of Show - Poppies by Paula Finlinson, Best Hand Quilted - My Friendship Spools by Ann E. Rindge, Viewers Choice - My Friendship Spools by Ann E. Rindge

"In my paintings I usually choose whimsy over seriousness, color over dread." Anna Witte

Vashon Intuitive Arts (VIA), is thrilled to have local artist and businesswoman, Cara Briskman showing her work for the month of June.

My love and appreciation for the beauty of nature is relatively new to me. I spent most of my life unaware of how fortunate each and every one of us is to live in such a beautiful world. Like so many others

A pair of artists serves up a bounty of abstract color and texture in February’s VAA Gallery exhibition. Photographer Karen Frank focuses on nature’s transformation of human detritus found on the beach. Painter Ken Susynski’s landscapes are influenced by European land and cityscapes.

Lotus is sharing her native-eye images of Vashon at Café Luna in February. Her perspective is a very personal view of the Island, with less attention to the island scenes that catch the eyes of tourists, though the classic scenes 

This January, award-winning Tlingit artist Odin Lonning displays multi-tribal works at the Vashon Community Care Center, 15333 Vashon Highway. Lonning is a prolific designer, renowned for his work in Tlingit and other Northwest Coast Native styles.

This weekend, December 8 - 9, award-winning Tlingit artist Odin Lonning is at Vashon Woodworks on Bank Road, Stop #6 on Vashon Island Art Studio Tour.

Lisa Hurst relocated to Vashon after 20 years journeying from here through New Mexico, Colorado, the Appalachian region and full circle back to the island.