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Ethereal Native Art

Dear readers, your eyes will thank you for checking out Odin Lonning’s supernatural-themed Tlingit artwork at Vashon Intuitive Arts this month. Titles such as “Shaman’s Wand,” “Spirit Canoe,” and, of course, “Supernatural Allies: Thunderbird and Seawolf,”reflect the essence of the pieces.

Two traditional Tlingit stories represented in Odin’s show – “Fog Woman” and “Boy Who Fed Eagles” – embrace shamanic motifs and mystical transformations. Other works speak to the powerful bonds between the Tlingit, their ancestors, and crest animals; e.g., Wolf, Killer Whale, and Salmon.

This week’s photo shows Odin’s yellow cedar carving of an iconic Tlingit story, “Raven Steals the Sun.” Gallery wall space is best left uncluttered, so Odin will provide elaborate stories and descriptions to interested art buyers. Moreover, he generously donates proceeds from his art sales to help whales and wolves: the Vashon Hydrophone Project and Wolftown.