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Holy Moly Moments From Vashon & Beyond

My love and appreciation for the beauty of nature is relatively new to me. I spent most of my life unaware of how fortunate each and every one of us is to live in such a beautiful world. Like so many others, I was too focused on attaining my next goal or too lost in my own thoughts to appreciate the stunning dance of light and colors that was happening all around me. When I started walking the path of self-discovery and introspection I discovered the quieter I became inside, the more I experienced beauty in the world outside. Journeying deeper into my inner world has truly had the glorious effect of connecting me deeper into the beauty of our outer world.
And what a journey it’s been. This path that began in New York brought me to the serenity and beauty of Vashon Island, to an ideal setting where I get to watch our beloved Mt. Rainier dance for us every day. Photographing the many moods, colors and expressions of the mountain gave me my first taste of the love that I have developed for witnessing, capturing and sharing natural beauty.
My journey then took me from my home on Vashon, around the world and back again. In 8 months I traveled to Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, India and home again to Vashon. In addition to being a spiritual catalyst for deep change, on several occasions I was moved to tears by the beauty that presented itself. One of the experiences I am excited to share with you is from my 5 day solo trek in the Himalayas in Nepal. At my highest point, a lookout area called Poon Hill at 10,000ft, I experienced one of the most stunning sunrises I have ever seen. I still remember the guides that were there saying, "this is very rare!" At one moment, each direction had something incredible happening, I didn’t know which view to be pointing my camera at. I’m using an entire wall to recreate that sunrise for you.
The beauty that surrounds me in my life inspires me. I am excited for the opportunity to share my passion with you and am pleased to share my Holy Moly Moments photography show opening during First Friday March 1st 2013 at the Vashon Community Care from 6-9pm. In addition to the 80 photos displayed throughout the entire 1st floor, a slide show from an 8 month journey around the world will include photos from Bali, Thailand, Burma, Nepal and India will begin at 6:45pm. My art is created with the intention of sharing with everyone who is touched by it. In an effort to make these accessible to everyone, during First Friday opening night, March 1st, there will be an opportunity for you to select your favorite photo (or photos) and purchase as greeting cards or postcards. These will be printed on site and ready to leave with you.
Holy Moly Moments will display 3 distinct collections of photography: 1) Holy Moly Mountain Moments – an expanded collection of the many gorgeous faces our beloved Mt. Rainier presents to us. 2) Holy Moly Global Moments – photos from my 8 month journey around the world and 3) Holy Moly Nature Moments: A Dance Of Light – highlights of my unique perspective of the natural beauty that surrounds us all in the glorious Northwest.
I feel fortunate and honored to have witnessed so much beauty along my journey and am especially honored to share it with you. I hope to see you First Friday and look forward sharing this portion of my journey both in my photos and with my stories.