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Cafe Luna August Artist: Gallery Cruise for Painter Anna Witte

"In my paintings I usually choose whimsy over seriousness, color over dread." Anna Witte
Anna Witte was born in Germany, grew up in Spain, and has since traveled and lived in many countries. As someone who lives between cultures, she draws inspiration from many sources: ancient myths from the pre-Hispanic cultures of Latin America, tales from the Middle East, Spanish poetry, but also the surprise of the lizard that for the briefest of moments mistakes her knee for a comfortable rock in the sun, or a friend’s child who points at an airplane in the sky and shouts: "Look, a fish!"
If you’d like to learn more about Anna’s work, please visit her website at or just give her a call at 206-650-0579. Check out her children’s books published by Barefoot Books: The Parrot Tico Tango and Lola’s Fandango, and by Producciones Ojitos (Sapo feo, El astrónomo y Sacnicté, Colibrí y la lluvia, among others)
Visit Cafe Luna on the first Friday of August for refreshments and a chance to visit with Anna. Pieces are available for purchase during the entire month. Friday, August 2, 6:00 - 8:00