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Vashon Intuitive Arts introduces Kate Moodys’ Musical Meditation

The Connect & Glow meditative exercises quickly bring participants to a deep connection with their inner source of vibrant well-being. The exercises are inspired by ancient Eastern wisdom and modern quantum physics, and grew out of experiments with visualizing the energetic stimulation of the limbic center of the brain in an effort to heal depression. They are effective and helpful for anyone who seeks a simple yet meaningful way to find more inner peace and stability, for anyone who wishes to be more comfortable and effective in their personal lives, experiencing ongoing well-being.

Relax into the deep and soothing beauty of Kate Moody’s piano music while she guides you in the Connect the Dots and Being Glow healing visualizations. Kate weaves together improvised and composed music with guided meditation and pertinent information about experiencing life as vibration. The music deepens the meditations; the meditations enhance the healing qualities of the music. Suitable for beginners and for experienced meditators. The focus of the August 13th session is vitality and growth.

Connect & Glow
Guided Meditation and Music:“Vitality and Growth”
Saturday, August 13, 4:00 p.m.
Vashon Intuitive Arts
17331 Vashon Highway SW
(206)    463-0025
Media contact: Kate Moody: (503) 701-1951,
Suggested donation: $10
More information can be found at