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Reguarding the wildlife on Vashon and the seal at Dilworth

Wolftown has been the only permitted wildlife rehab on Vashon Is. Over the years helping hundreds of sick injured and orphaned wildlife including all marine mammals.
I have done the Marine Mammals with help from NOAA and the US Coast Guard and DNR for years.
But since the recession donations and volunteer help willing to work hard and do fund raisers have gone down to such an extent Pete and I have used up our savings to keep Wolftown going.
Orca Annie’s Article on the Seal pup at Dillworth is true. Wolftown staff, Pete and I were going down there checking on her till NOAA gave us permission to move the seal and do triage. Sadly the seal died at Wolftown after every attempt was made to save her.
This finally showed me that without the support of community Wolftown must cut back on wildlife rehab at this time. Passing along some marine mammal transport to Orca Annie. This is good we have Annie to pass it on to. But since Wolftown is the only facility trained in triage and rehab that will be a detrement to injured marine mammals on Vashon as that will have to be done off Island.
But I cannot continue to dig a hole for myself and my husband.
It is discouraging and sad after so many years we have dedicated to the wildlife of Vashon and education of the public.
So now, Wolftown is only doing rehab on Birds of prey, hawks, owls, falcons eagles. And support our non-releasable wildlife. We also will continue our sustainible agriculture program.
To all those that have supported us, I thank you so much.
T and Pete Yamamoto, Wolftown.


Wolftown is doing such a good job by taking care of the mammals who are unable to speak out their problem.
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