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No More Sleepless in Seattle?

Laura Worth, Shawn Denae Eddy, Robert Bornn with the AromaChill relaxation system.

How was your sleep last night?  For many people sleep time is no longer teddy bears and being tucked in.  Sleep time challenges can begin to dominate lives.  Bad stuff happens to the body without enough sleep, so it’s important to find natural ways to help manage sleeplessness.

From Vashon, a new, huggable and relaxing, herbal-based sleep aid may be just the ticket.  It’s based on tried-and-true wellness wisdom about deep, mindful breathing.  This first-of-its-kind relaxation system is currently at Indiegogo, a crowdfunding Web site.  Visitors can be the first to own an AromaChill by contributing to the cost of manufacturing their own at  

To bring his latest invention to the public, Robert Bornn, a Vashon entrepreneur, psychophysiologist, and sleep specialist, founded LifeSense Technologies, LLC in 2012.  

Mr. Bornn reports, “AromaChill makes the sleep time experience a positive one by using a reliable routine for mindful breathing with a choice of terpene-based fragrances and pleasantly cool air.”  

Laura Worth, co-founder and a co-inventor, says, “When I can’t relax, having the comfort of a routine from using AromaChill and a familiar fragrance with a pleasant bit of chill, helps me pay attention to deep breathing.”
Mr. Bornn further explained, “When I get too revved up, I use AromaChill to change my state of mind by helping me focus on my breathing for brief periods during the day or at night.”

John B. Davis has used AromaChill off-and-on from the earliest prototype to the current final version and he reports, “I like the relaxing fragrance of herbal terpenes and the feeling of the cool air in my nose.  I can grab it when I’m having trouble and usually fall asleep in about half the usual time.”

Shawn DeNae Eddy reports success using AromaChill to manage her middle-of-the-night insomnia and says that “the routine of falling asleep has been a challenge for decades. I found that AromaChill  helps me relax into a rhythmic breathing pattern and the cool, scented air calms my mind and helps me sleep.”

Mr. Bornn is a seasoned veteran in the relaxation and sleep fields.  His roots go back to the early 1980s when he led sleep research, under Dr. Joe Kamiya in the psychophysiology laboratory at UCSF Medical Center.  Mr. Bornn went on from there to invent and develop the first home-based, miniaturized sleep apnea monitor to diagnose people who stop breathing periodically during the night.  

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site where project owners offer “perks” in return for contributions at varying levels.  Contributions to the AromaChill project start at $10 for weekly sleep tips via the SleepWise e-newsletter or $15 for the electronica album, Chill!, released for this purpose by

Mr. Bornn, who is also a performing and recording musician.  The $79 perk, an earlybird special, includes an AromaChill, the newsletter, and the Chill! album.  Contact Mr. Bornn at or (206) 463-4284.