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All Vashon Spring to Summer Presidents’ Challenge

Shape up Vashon challenges the whole island community to team up to win Presidential Active Lifestyle Awards or Presidential Champion Awards. Make a team of 2 to 8 people of your family, businesses, coworkers, friends or your favorite organizations and be ready to start May 10th through June 30.
What does this challenge require?

All you need to do is:
Your choice of individual or class exercise ½ hour a day 5 days out of 7, 6 weeks out of 8. Each week you add a healthy eating habit. These habits come from the list of eight choices such as drinking more water or adding more vegetables to your diet. Log your progress every few days to win a Presidential Award. It’s free!

Shape up Vashon will enter all who win a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award or Presidents’ Champion Award by June 30 into raffles to win great prizes. People who are members of Shape Up Vashon who complete the challenge will also qualify for special Member awards.

What is the President’s Challenge? Check it out at Pres. Eisenhower started the Presidents’ Challenge because even in the 50s he was aware that military recruits were not fit for duty. Pres. Kennedy made it famous. All of our Presidents since then have valued fitness and continue to promote this Challenge to schools, families and adults. Last year, with Michelle Obama’s fitness campaign, the nutritional challenge was added.

Towns around the Country are developing programs to challenge their communities to improve their health together. By June 30, we will be able to measure and publicize how many Presidential Awards Vashon as a community has earned and approximately how many calories we spent winning those awards. In July we will have a celebration to announce the team and whole Island results. We will award prizes to the top winning teams.

What is Shape Up Vashon?

Shape Up Vashon is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a healthy community with incentives, a weight group, classes, challenges and events to encourage Vashon Islanders to take the next step in improving their health. We encourage each person to recognize and improve his or her own health challenges to decrease cardiovascular risk and improve health overall. We are an all volunteer organization, sponsored by Foundation for Care Management, and have been providing education and healthy challenges for over two years.

Start thinking about forming your teams now. You can look for more information and details about how to register on our website, here in the Loop, and at the Farm Market May 3rd.

Let’s go Vashon!!!