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Voice of Vashon’s Challenge

Just four months ago, Voice of Vashon opened its Storefront Studio in uptown Vashon. Today, there are twenty-two new live shows on the air, each with its own unique reflection of life here on Vashon and hosted by Island residents.  It’s a showcase for the incredible depth of creative talent on this island. If you miss the live versions of any show, you can stream it at your convenience through the free KVSH mobile web app. Thus, KVSH is on its way to becoming one of the most compelling and eclectic community FM stations in the country.

During the Cascadia Rising Earthquake Exercise, members of  VoV’s 1650AM Emergency Alert Team served as public information officers while KVSH live DJs spread disaster survival information to Islanders. VoV now has almost two dozen volunteers qualified to respond at the Storefront Studio and at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Whether it’s an earthquake, windstorm, wildfire or alien invasion – VoV will have power and a communications link with the EOC to assure that islanders get reliable information to help our community through whatever it is.

On GiveBig Day, VoV hosted over 30 non-profit organizations for a day of live programming from the Storefront Studio – a profound 8-hour illumination of how they work daily to serve us all and improve our lives here on Vashon.  Beyond GiveBig, VoV keeps studio microphones available every day for neighbors from the non-profit community to describe their events, their services, everything about them.

When you miss an important School or Park Board meeting, or a town hall gathering on matters that effect all our lives, you can review it on the website or Channel 21TV because VoV was there to record it.  When Island children perform in a musical, ballet or concert; when the Vashon Chamber Orchestra fills the Presbyterian Church; when aerialists fly high over the Open Space meadow, you can relive the experience at  In fact, you can stream any Voice of Vashon content, at your convenience, at

These are all the things a community Radio/TV/Web organization can do. VoV does it all for a fraction of what it costs to run just one FM radio station on the mainland.  But keeping it going still takes good old-fashioned dollars. And, that is Voice of Vashon’s Challenge..

That’s why VoV is inviting islanders to take the 100,000 Mile Challenge. No, it doesn’t require walking, running, bicycling or swimming 100,000 miles.  It merely requires that you enter to win 100,000 airline miles, or one of five other getaway prizes.  And, thanks to sweepstakes sponsor, Windermere Real Estate Vashon, every single dollar donated in the Challenge will go to VoV operations.
•    Become a New VoV Member
•    Upgrade Your Existing VoV Membership
•    Bring In New VoV Members

Enter the VoV 100,000 Mile Challenge sweepstakes for a selection of delicious vacation home stays. Once you’ve entered it’s up to you to win the grand prize that gives 100,000 airline miles to whomever brings in the most new VoV members. If you are the top recruiter, you’ll be awarded 100,000 airline miles to go pretty much anywhere you’d like. Every time one of your recruits becomes a VoV member, your name goes into the sweepstakes one more time.

Sign up the most new VoV members and fly anywhere 100,000 air miles can take you.

Enter and be eligible for a sweepstakes drawing to win magical stays at vacation homes – Palm Springs, Orcas Island, Lavender Hill Farm and AirBnB gift cards.
That’s what you get when you become a Voice of Vashon member. Sustaining memberships are available for as little as $5 a month or $60 a year, the price of one latte per month. The 100,000 Mile Challenge is a fun way for VoV to give something back to the community for its support. Joining is not required to enter the contest, but a robust virtual town square is a pretty good return on that investment.

The monthly income generated by all these new sustaining memberships will help keep Voice of Vashon’s many island services going.  Memberships and underwriting support energize all that VoV does.
The contest runs through July 31st.  Winners will be announced August 5 at VoV’s  First Friday LIVE On The Highway show.

VoV’s 100,000 Mile Challenge is proudly sponsored by Windermere Real Estate Vashon.
Take the VoV 100,000 Mile Challenge now through July 31. Enter to win airline miles to take you just about anywhere you want to go.  Or one of five other getaway prizes.
Enter now at