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VFW Essay Contest

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) distributed details of the VFW sponsored Essay Contest to Vashon Schools, prior to September 1, to provide students in grades from 3rd through High School an opportunity to participate in the contests that provides recognition and cash awards.  The Washington State VFW sponsored Youth Essay Program include the 3rd through 5th Grades; the National Patriot’s Pen Program includes 6th through 8th Grades and the National Voice of Democracy includes 9th through 12th Grades.

The entry forms and complete contest rules can be obtained for the Washington State Youth Essay Contest by typing the following on the Internet:, click Dept. of Washington, VFW Auxiliary, you receive “Dept. of Washington VFW Auxiliary, click, program then SCHOLARSHIPS.  Click Youth Essay Entry Form and Copy, click arrow in upper left corner and click “VFW essay rules and copy.  The two National Programs can be obtained by entering “”, on the Internet, click, VFW – Veterans of Foreign Wars, USA, place arrow over COMMUNITY, and click Youth and Education.  Copy this page.  Click, Patriot’s Pen or Voice of Democracy with a single click under HOW TO ENTER and your Official Entry and Rules appear.  This data is all that is needed to enter the VFW Essay Contests.

The students essay and entry forms must be given to the VFW representatives by 1 November 2016.  The VFW Representatives are Chairman Roy Bumgarner and Vice Chairman Olde John Croan.  You students have been writing essays on the three designated Themes for the Washington State and the two National Programs, thus improving your writing and speaking skills, being locally and possibly nationally recognized for your participation in the programs and winning significant awards to better prepare you all for the work force and as leaders of tomorrow, helping to make the United States of America a better place to live and raise our families.  Vashon VFW Post 2826 will provide a certificate for each student participating in the essay programs and students receiving 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Awards, will receive a framed certificate and cash awards.

If you have questions, please contact your teacher or contact Roy Bumgarner, 206-459-3910 or Olde John Croan, 206-408-7628.

May all involved in the VFW Sponsored Essay Contest have great days and life that are filled with good health, happiness and gratitude for the many blessings received daily.
Roy Bumgarner, Chairman  
Olde John Croan, Vice Chairman