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Vashon Wrestling Summer News and Results

Steven Vashon's Most Interesting Camp in the World Campers pose in the Potato Barn in Quincy, Washington.  70 wrestlers from around the state met there to practice and perform team bonding exercises on July 5-8.

Sixteen Vashon Wrestlers traveled to Quincy, Washington on July 5th for a three day camp across the mountains. The camp is titled Steven Vashon's Most Interesting Wrestling Camp in the World. All wrestlers camped out at the Wild Horse Campground and wrestled in a potato barn-- yes, really, a potato barn with mats rolled out on its floor! Vashon wrestlers teamed up with wrestlers and coaches from Lake Stevens and East Valley, Spokane. They practiced new techniques, hard drilling sessions, and live wrestling. In between sessions, all wrestlers practiced team building exercises, games, skits, and they all ate amazing food cooked by the Wild Horse hosts.

On June 26-29, eight Vashon wrestlers (Todd Gateman, Logan Nelson, Trevor Figgins, Kevin Thomas, Shane Armstrong, Preston Morris, Robert Easton, and Joey DiFabio) traveled to Monmouth, Oregon for the Oregon State University Team Wrestling Camp. All wrestlers received plenty of mat experience, wrestling at least 10 matches in the three day period. The Vashon Wrestlers combined with seven wrestlers from Lake Stevens to form Lake Vashon, and finished 10-1 on the week against competition from Oregon, Alaska, B.C., and Washington.

Sixteen Vashon Wrestlers rock their Vashon Style in the Potato Barn at the Steven Vashon's Most Interesting Wrestling Camp in the World.  







Lake Vashon Wrestlers celebrate their 50-6 victory over Team B.C. at the Oregon State Team Competition Camp.  The team finished 10-1 on the week.