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A Swipe of the Sink, A Nod of the Head

Dateline: Family Camp, Camp Burton 2015

Does it bother anyone else? Those little puddles of water around a public sink that are great breeding ponds of bacteria and icky stuff. They really bother me. It’s such an easy thing to just take that paper towel when you’re done drying your hands and swipe around the sink for the next person.

The ferry mess bothering anyone? Today, coming back to camp after a morning meeting overtown, four of us cars sat for twenty minutes by upper Lincoln Park because it looked like the construction was all the way up there; flagger signs, etc. Turns out it was a City Light crew. So, because the female passenger in the car ahead of me dared to get out and walk ahead of us all, motioning the proper directions for getting to the dock, we all made the next ferry.

One of the habits I’ve developed is to nod confirmation when the deck hand directs me. Only once has anyone been nasty about in response. It’s usually well received communication in motion.

There’s a difference between cordial and nice, and a difference between nice and kind, and a difference between kind and loving. A little bit of each everyday makes for such a wonderful, full life.

Every interaction of the day has the possibility of building reconciliation or establishing a rift.

The last couple of decades I haven’t had the opportunity to have my external appearance and lifestyle look like my insides or reflect my values. It’s been interesting to be judged, repeatedly, by my “cover” instead of people taking the opportunity to get know “the book” that is me. It’s made me aware of when I do it myself.

Last week I was going to skip the musical “Carrie” . I have prejudices, and reservations and genuine reasons and schedule conflicts. Then one of the kids posted an invitation on Facebook and I thought of how much I loved them, the kids. I begged my way into a rehearsal and was so grateful I had. There were lots of issues to discuss, and the music was fabulous.

Most of life is made better by the small contributions of thousands of little moments. Frequently, they gather themselves together to make “more”.

I’m going back into camp mode again. Gonna pay attention to these people who have been family for almost three decades.

Do something little everyday. It will be much.