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Permaculture Workshop

This fall on Vashon, Luke Currier, a Permaculture designer and educator from Duluth, MN will be leading a workshop on permaculture. This workshop will be helpful to people at any level of permaculture knowledge, from beginners to well-read certified designers, the theme of this workshop will revolve specifically around fruit-tree production and will be hosted by The All-Merciful Saviour Monastery south of Dockton.

The presenter, Luke Currier is a lifelong gardener with experience in orchard management, animal husbandry, landscaping, and sustainable forestry. He has a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) through Midwest Permaculture, and is completing advanced permaculture training at Chaga House in Duluth, MN. In addition to his permaculture certification he holds a BA in Theology from St. Katherine College in San Marcos, CA, as well as an MA in Social Justice from Kilns College in Bend, OR.

Permaculture is a word that means “permanent agriculture,” but in order to have a permanent agriculture, a permanent culture is also necessary. After all, what good is food if people don’t recognize it or use it as such? Permaculture deals with all relationships: spacial, functional, personal, utilitarian, etc. to help design human food production and living spaces, while also decreasing work, restoring the natural environment, building soils, purifying water, and much more. These perennial-based systems are useful to humans, livestock, and wildlife.

 There will be an introductory talk on Friday night, November 18, to get everyone up to speed. Saturday the 19th will be an in-depth look at fruit trees, pest management strategies, harvest, preservation, and much more. It will be a mixture of lecture and hands-on experience. Monday the 21st will be a focused earth works and planting day to help the monastery increase fruit production.
For more information, please contact The All-Merciful Saviour Monastery at: (206) 463-5915.