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Now The Real Work

The Road to Resilience

Regardless of who you may have voted for in the primaries, you may have felt that things you consider important are not happening, and that major changes are in order.  I suspect that among these are insuring everybody’s right to vote, the right to choose the candidates that are running, and a fair and equal media platform for those candidates:  guaranteeing free and fair elections that make elected officials accountable to you.  I suspect that you think everybody should be treated equally and fairly, regardless of income or background.  You probably feel that you have a right to your fair share of the prosperity that our country is creating, not a handout, but a right to contribute and receive adequate compensation.  Most of us believe that we are badly damaging our Mother Earth and need to make drastic changes in the way we do things.  If you think these things are worth fighting for, then now is the time to fight.

So, what do we do now?  Bernie Sanders promised to lead this revolution regardless of whether he got elected president and regardless of whether you agree with him on all the issues.  He has continuously supported the idea of “one person one vote,” not “one vote only for people that agree with him.” True to his word, he has kicked off a couple of initiatives recently that are intended to focus our energy toward creating a government that listens to us.  One of these initiatives, a group called Our Revolution, lays out a number of goals that we the people are passionate about and notifies us of when and how to act on these so that our actions are in sync and cannot be ignored.  Go to to view the goals that have so far been chosen for action and what you can do about them right now.  Although Bernie and his supporters have developed these goals, I think that, regardless of your political persuasion, you will find most of these to your liking.  You may differ in how to achieve these goals but that is an issue to be addressed after we have gained our place at the table.  You may like some initiatives more than others, or you might have others to suggest.  This forum will be open for feedback and suggestions.  It is your forum.

The second initiative is called Brand New Congress (, and its goal is to recruit and elect candidates that support the revolution, not only for Congress but everything from local school boards to the US Senate.  In this there are a few lessons to be learned from the Tea Party.  Although most of us might consider the direction the Tea Party has taken us to be a disaster, in just a few elections, the Tea Party has managed to change to face of the Republican Party and the country.  Part of their success lies in the fact that they have been financed by the ultraconservative free market Koch brothers.  Brand New Congress will not be financed or directed in any way by wealthy special interests.  That means that we--you and I--will need to provide the finances, as well as the passion.  You don’t need to wear a tricorn hat, but you do need to be passionate.

Another coalition of groups for a third party (includes Greens):  The Progressive Independent Party,  

 I need to remind you that we are not acting in a vacuum.  The wealthy corporate interests that run the country are preparing to breach national sovereignties by way of “free trade” agreements, right now the TPP and the TTIP, so as to effectively control the world.  I know that sounds like the crazies in the 1950’s talking about the Commies.  Part of their success will revolve around the idea being too outrageous to be believed.  

The end of the colonial period marked the end of the ability of a small number of countries to exert direct political control over a much larger population in lesser-developed nations.  However, the primary force of subjugation was not military but economic.  The fact of overt political subjugation became morally unacceptable and was ended, but the economic subjugation continues to this day.  Now the economic interests are ready to take de facto political control of the nations that spawned them.  Control credit in a world where everything must be bought, and you control the world.

 These people do not look kindly on all the things we are trying to do.  There is logic and intention behind the way the world is run today, and it is that of the corporate interests.  You will not hear much about this on the corporate media for obvious reasons. 

Right now, their claim to power depends on our cooperation.  They depend on us being too absorbed by tasks, pleasure, or despair in our personal lives to notice.  We must wake up and act before they close the door on us. 

So, when I ask you to join the revolution, it is not just a play on a word.  It is not just a nice thing for some of us to do.  It is deadly serious and will have a great impact on how our children and grandchildren live their lives.  Join Bernie’s groups or some others of your choosing, but don’t sit this one out.