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A 99% Dilemma

The Dorsal Spin
Stogarita, canine VHP intern, deploys the VHP float with Odin.

Chez VHP has become collateral damage in the recession. In April, a short sale will displace us from the rental that we thought would provide stable long-term housing. We are immensely fond of the spot where we live and we do not want to move, but such is the 99 Percenters’ dilemma confronting us.

Before I bury the lead: two ultra-responsible, established Islanders and our angelic small dog seek modest waterfront housing on Vashon for the only Native-run whale research project in Puget Sound. A place on Colvos Pass near where we currently live (Cove) would be swell, but we are open to and exploring other sites on Vashon-Maury. In order for our hydrophone to be maximally effective, it must be in the Sound and not inside a harbor or a deeply recessed cove. We are model, hassle-free tenants with exceptional Island references. In May 2010, the Beachcomber profiled us in "Keepers of the Place."

Dear readers, perhaps you own or know of humble beach cabins or waterfront vacation rentals that sit empty for long periods. We are not fussy and we do not require much space – we currently function in 620 square feet. Minor maintenance issues do not faze us; we are willing to apply elbow grease. Our contact information is below.

Please support the work of the Vashon Hydrophone Project (VHP): REPORT LOCAL WHALE SIGHTINGS ASAP TO 463-9041. Call the VHP about seal pups as well as dead, injured, or sick marine mammals on Island beaches. Check for updates at and send photos to Orca Annie at Your karma will thank you for helping us to relocate the first hydrophone installation in lower Puget Sound dedicated to Southern Resident orca conservation and recovery.